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    Ever wonder what gear Infamous REALLY uses on the field?
    Below is an in-depth look at what we used to win the NXL ICPL Sunshine Classic of 2020! Click on the images below to check out the products in closer detail!
    Paintballs: Pro Shar - this paint shot amazing for us all weekend even in the colder Florida temps reaching a low of 45 degrees in the morning. Very straight shooting and accurate from the long 10-man distances. 
    Infamous Pro Shar Paintballs
    Paintball Gun / Marker: Planet Eclipse Emek & GTEK M170r  - Team used a combination of these 2 markers. The best thing about these guns, you pull them out of your bag and they work! no issues or having to worry about your equipment failing when you pick up a Planet Eclipse marker. 
    Infamous Planet Eclipse EMEK
    Accessories: Murder Machine Trigger, FL Silencio Barrel Tip, XL Silencio Barrel Tip, Power House Regulators - Pretty much everyone on the team uses the Silencio Barrel Tip because of how awesome it is. The laser porting really helps keep the paint out of your barrel with the hyperball tubing. All of the Infamous guys use the Powerhouse regs and with zero issues all weekend. No blown burst discs or anything! 
    Infamous EMEK Planet Eclipse Virtue Silencio paintball
    Paintball Jersey: Custom Infamous Infacam Camo Pro DNA Jerseys
    Infamous Custom Camo Paintball Jersey
    Paintball Pants: Infamous Sicario Jogger Pants
    Infamous Sicario Jogger Pants Camo
    Hopper / Loader: Virture Spire III
    Goggles: Push Paintball Infamous LE Skull Goggles
    Cleats: Nike