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    How To Walk ANY Field

    • 2 min read


    By Kevin Rudulph

    First off, what do we mean when we say, "walking a field?" Well that simply means taking a closer look at the playing field and "walking" it over checking out the landscape, shots, angles, ect. 

    This concept can be applied to any playing area and should be something you think about before you step on any field. If you are a walk-on player, playing for the first time, or you're playing in your 10th tournament you should always know the field like the back of your hand. The more you know about the playing area, the less confused you will be during the chaos of game.

    When walking any field there are a few things you need to do no matter what the layout or style of play. 

    Starting Points: Make sure you have a clear understanding where each team is starting, and what the fastest route to Hot Areas might be. 

    Angles: Paintball is a game of angles, and who ever has the better angle is has a higher chance of winning. So, you want to walk each bunker and figure out how to advance to the bunkers with the best angle on your opponent. 

    Both Sides: No 2 fields are the same so make sure you are looking at all the shots from each bunker, on BOTH sides. Not just from the one area you might be playing. You want to look at how to shoot your opponent as well as how your opponent can get a shot on you. The angles could be different from field to field or even from bunker to bunker. 

    Danger Areas: Where are you most likely to get shot from, IF the opponent makes it to that spot? This should be high on your check list so you know exactly what to do during the heat of battle.

    Hot Areas: This would be an area where you have a lot of action or where you want to be in order to get better shots on the opponent. Usually these areas are at the center of the field at about the half way point or at the "50's."