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Kevin Kali Rudulph will miss NXL Las Vegas 2019

  • 2 min read

Written by Kevin Rudulph

As many people know my wife has had some very strange and frustrating health issues for a while now. Really it hit a hard point back before World Cup last November when she had to have emergency surgery from internal bleeding which at the time the Doctors thought was the source of her heart rate that was in the 140's resting. Come to find out after the surgery that that was not the source.

Along with the heart rate, there has been a long list of other symptoms dating back before then that we haven't been able to figure out where these symptoms are rooted but it is an ongoing and very slow process that has caused me to put paintball on the back burner until we can get her back to full strength.

The first question we get asked is, "Why aren't the Doctors doing anything?" and the first thing I say is, well it's not like in the movies or on TV. They can't just take a little blood and find out everything going on in your body. It's just not that simple. Then factor in the different doctor appointments, getting into the different doctors and wait times. It is just a very slow process of elimination.

I'm not going to get into specific details here but sort of feel like we (my wife and I) need to put all the details out there for the world to see so maybe we can get some answers and better explain what is going on in our life because it is very hard to explain without living it in person.

What it all boils down to is, I am a Husband and Father of 2 boys so I can't take any chances leaving them to play paintball. Especially when really I just play for the thrill, competition and desire to win at the highest level but I think this text from my social media account sums everything up.

"I will not be in Las Vegas this weekend for the first NXL event of 2019. The family needs me home. It’s ok, I’ll keep the hammer cocked, the fire lit and focused on coming back for NXL Dallas. Trust me when I say the time away from competitive paintball is going to make it worse for everyone and anyone on the other end of my barrel."


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