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Drew Templeton Retires!

  • 2 min read

Drew “Drewbie” Templeton #3 a long time Infamous Veteran has decided to step away from the game as he and his wife Amanda are expecting their firstborn child right around World Cup.

Drew has modeled what a true teammate and brother represents and we can’t thank him enough for everything he has done for this team. Drew joined the team in 2012 and has played 7 seasons, 40 events, and taken home 4 Major Professional Tournament wins with us in that time. 

Drew has been an instrumental part in almost all of the teams wins since 2012. At the PSP 2012 Chicago Open most people only remember the last 2 points where Brad McCurly closed the game in stylish fashion. Another huge deciding factor in this match was during the long grueling 10-minute point where Drewbie broke the game open. Drew fought his way into the snake, shot the Russian Legion Dorito player moving with his last ball while he was loading his hopper, then ran down their snake player taking his spot as he shot cross-field, stayed alive and closed the point bring the game to 1 & 1. 

Drew has continued to make moves like this one throughout his entire career with Infamous. He is always looking for the best way to break the game open and shoot some people in the process. Known for his relentless attack and making you pay for your mistakes on the field. 

Drew deciding to step away from the game to focus on his family is something we all understand and respect. We would like to thank Amanda for sharing her home and husband with us for all these years. We will truly miss the Templeton’s on and off the field. We would like to wish them the best of luck and to hopefully add another #INfam paintball player to our growing Infamous Kids Squad! ;)

Thank you Drewbie! 


2012 - NPPL Chicago Open
2012 - PSP Chicago Open
2014 - PSP Dallas Open
2015 - NXL Dallas Open 


2012 - 3rd Overall PSP
2013 - 7th Overall PSP
2014 - 10th Overall PSP
2015 - 1st Overall PSP
2015 - 7th Overall NXL
2016 - 2nd Overall
2017 - 8th Overall 
2018 - 10th Overall
2019 - 8th Overall


2nd - 2012 PSP Mid Atlantic Open
3rd - 2013 PSP Dallas Open
1st - 2014 - NXL World Cup Challengers VS Dynasty

1st - 2015 NXL World Cup 10 Man
2nd - 2016 NXL World Cup 10 Man
4th - 2017 NXL World Cup



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