Filter Face Mask Ghost (includes 5 PM2.5 filters)


The Filter Face Mask (includes 5 pm2.5 filters)

The Filter Face Mask by FNDN ("Foundation") is our top of the line mask in personal protection equipment (PPE).  Convert this mask into a PM2.5 surgical mask by inserting an FNDN 5-layer, non-woven, melt-blown filter which filters 60% - 65% of pollutants (filter sold separately here on our website). While the Filter Face Mask by FNDN is washable and reusable; the filters, like medical masks, are single-use and disposable. For maximum protection, you should dispose of your filter before you wash your mask. *This mask does include 5 filters and additional filters are sold separately.

Product Composition:  Material: 38% non woven + 38% melt blown + 24% Activated Carbon

What is PM2.5 and why does non-woven, melt-blown fabric matter?

PM2.5 surgical masks were originally designed for those living in areas with high air pollution levels. PM2.5 masks provide good filtration (62%-65%), though not as much as N95 masks.

Adding a filter to your cloth face mask adds an extra layer of protection and filtration. However, some of the filters available are counterfeit and are not as effective as authentic filters. FNDN Filters are made using non-woven, melt-blown fabric. Unlike the woven and knitted fabrics that are typically used to make clothing, non-woven melt-blown fabric is made using hot, fast blowing air. This creates layered sheets of bonded, tangled fibers, making a mesh-like material that is ideal for filtration. Manufacturing melt-blown fabric requires the use of specific machines that are designed to produce non-woven fabrics; it can take 6 months or longer to make one of these complicated, expensive machines. For this reason, many filters advertised as being PM2.5 do not actually contain melt-blown fabric. The FNDN Filters contain 5 layers of non-woven, melt-blown fabric.

Because melt-blown fabric is in such high demand world-wide and making it is so specialized, there is a global shortage of melt-blown fabric. This has made the price of masks and filters containing melt-blown fabric significantly higher. Be wary of filters with too-good-to-true prices, as they likely do not contain melt-blown fabric.


Filter Face Masks by FNDN are in compliance with the CDC guidelines which state cloth face coverings should:

•Fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face

•Be secured with ties or ear loops.

•Include multiple layers of fabric.

•Allow for breathing without restriction

•Be able to be laundered and machine dried without damage or change to shape.


Source: (



Elastic Ear Loops

Hand Washable/Reusable

Space to insert filter

One Size Fits Most (Adults)

*As with any personal protection equipment (PPE), all mask and filter sales are final.


Type: PPE

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