Planet Eclipse M170R Frame Kit for GTEK 170R

Planet Eclipse M170R Frame Kit for GTEK 170R

Would you like to participate in leagues or events in which electro-pneumatic markers are not allowed, fancy playing a 5.5 bps event but want more mech firepower or would you like to have a completely new playing experience but do not want to go without all of the advantages of your GTEK 170R?

The 170R Frame Kit turns your electro-pneumatic GTEK170R into the mechanical version, GTEK M170R!

The installation/conversion of the M170R Frame Kit is uncomplicated. Maintenance, cleaning and firing cycle performance of your GTEK 170R will not change, apart from it not being electronic any longer. The shooting process is mechanical after the conversion. You still enjoy all the advantages of the GTEK 170Rs Gamma Core: low recoil, high air efficiency and a quiet sound signature.

Kit Includes :
- M170R Single Trigger Frame
- Complete Pivot trigger module (pre-installed)
- Glass Filled Nylon Battery Dummy
- Mechanical 3-way valve (pre-installed)


  • Aluminium construction
  • Ergonomic design
  • Fits Gtek 170R marker (only)
  • Smooth mechanical pivot trigger
  • Fully adjustable trigger
  • 10 minutes to install with minimal tools
  • Dual Ball Race trigger
  • Linear bearing on 3-Way push rod
  • Kit Includes
  • GMek frame
  • Pivot Trigger Assembly (pre-installed)
  • Mechanical 3-Way (pre-installed)
  • Foregrip and Dummy Battery
  • Spares Bag
  • Composition
  • 6061-T6 Aluminium (frame)
  • Brass (mechanical 3-way)
  • GRN (Glass Reinforced Nylon) Foregrip/Dummy Battery
  • Stainless Steel Ball Race Assemblies

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