Player Stats - NXL Atlantic City 2018

July 09, 2018 0 Comments

Player Stats - NXL Atlantic City 2018 

Obviously, when you don't make the cut on Sunday, your teams stats aren't going to be great. But, we like to use stuff like this for motivation. If we didn't win the tournament, then the goal was not met and we need to work harder as a team. 

With that being said, we do think that having some form of stats in the sport is awesome and even though we know they are not 100% accurate, it's still great for the sport and moving in the right direction! Head over to My Fan Wagon, sign up, follow along with some of your favorite players and teams! Help create more support for things like Stats and Fantasy Paintball! Leave a comment below and let us know what you think about stats in paintball! 

Team Rank: #1 - Kevin Kali Rudulph

Overall Rank: #53 
Points Played: 26
KP Ratio: .654
Kills: 17


Team Rank: #2 - Cody Mickowski

Overall Rank: #54 
Points Played: 25
KP Ratio: .68
Kills: 17


Team Rank: #3 - Thomas Taylor

Overall Rank: #58 
Points Played: 18
KP Ratio: .833
Kills: 15


Team Rank: #4 - Ryan Rodarte

Overall Rank: #68 
Points Played: 20
KP Ratio: .65
Kills: 13


Team Rank: #5 - Drew Templeton

Overall Rank: #84 
Points Played: 22
KP Ratio: .5
Kills: 11



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