NXL Atlantic City 2018 Layout Release

June 06, 2018 0 Comments

NXL Atlantic City 2018 Layout Release! 

Stay tuned for the layout release party!! We will be uploading all kinds of content throughout the week covering the teams thoughts on NXL Atlantic City Layout! We will break down as much of the field as possible. Right here in this blog post or links out to the content so mack sure you check back HERE throughout the day / week!

Leave a Comment below and let us know what you want to know / see from the squad! (Make sure you verify your email address)


update 1:45pm 6/6/2018 ----------------------------------

The Layout has been released! leave a comment below and let us know what questions you have and topics you would like covered! 

 Looking for that extra edge? We would love to help. One thing a lot of teams overlook or simply can't afford to do is practice and shoot bounce shots! Well, hopefully we have narrowed down the options for you and saved you some paint. click below and check out the bounce shots we think you should try! 




update 10:45am 6/7/2018 ----------------------------------

Here are a few Game Plan Options to try out. Keep in mind these are just ideas for the initial breakout. After that it is on you to just play paintball. These are also game plans where were assume we are playing a team that is highly skilled when it comes to shooting on the break. You and your team might be able to take more ground on a team that isn't hitting their shots. 


A couple Break Outs from Travis Lemanski 


Want to learn some bounce shots? Click Here