Nate Schroeder will Miss NXL Las Vegas 2019

March 07, 2019 0 Comments

Nate has been rehabilitating his having shoulder surgery back in January. He dislocated his shoulder back at the NXL Dallas event in 2018 then again while training resulting in him needing to having to have surgery. We have seen a lot of players rush back after dislocating their shoulder and then never being able to play the same again so we are happy that Nate is being smart and playing it safe. His shoulder should be stronger than ever after a full recovery. 

Nate has stated, "I’m back to having all my range of motion and have had it for a few weeks which is crazy. The doctor literally shit his pants when I showed him at my one month follow up. I’ve been diligent about getting my strength back and it’s all going really well but I’ve had a few reality checks. Like running with my marker. The weight and impact of running caused my shoulder to flare up. That pretty much sealed the deal for Vegas. I’m bummed but I also knew it was a long shot. I’m just happy to be able to go to Vegas and be with the team."

Nate will be in Las Vegas with the team this weekend. If you are at the event make sure to say what's up! 

Nate will miss NXL Las Vegas 2019