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    Nate Schroeder OUT with Injury

    • 1 min read

    Nate Schroeder OUT with Injury

    We regret to announce that Nate Schroeder has decided to not play the upcoming NXL Atlantic City Open event due to a injury he acquired at the NXL Dallas Open. 

    Nate Schroeder had this to say, “My shoulder dislocation in Dallas came at an unfortunate time with Atlantic City being so soon. After receiving an MRI, consulting with a MD, seeing a physical therapist weekly and speaking to my peers with the same injury I've determined that I'm not ready to compete at this time. The recovery process has been tedious and slow-going but going nonetheless. I was happy to see my range of motion and a majority of my strength come back quickly but I'm still not back to where I feel I need to be to perform at my best. This injury has been a humbling experience and I'm very thankful for Infamous to continue support me even while I'm out. I look forward to coming back for the fourth event in Chicago and picking up where we left off. I encourage everyone to be mindful of the playing surfaces' conditions and take the extra time necessary to mentally prepare when it's not ideal.”

    We hope to see Nasty Nate back in action as soon as possible. We really felt that Nate would have destroyed the Dorito side on this layout, picking right up where he left off in Dallas.