Is a 80cu Tank Better than a 68cu Tank?

June 29, 2020 0 Comments

Why should you pick our 80cu tank over a standard 68cu tank?

Really it's a no brainer. Here is why!

Infamous Skeleton Air 80cu Tank vs a 68cu tankThe Infamous Skeleton Air tank is about the same length and size as 68cu tanks used to be only lighter and gets a few more pods out of your marker than a 68cu tank. 

All of our Professional Paintball Athletes will tell you that they would rather use the 80cu tank over the 68cu tank because the size of a 68 tank nowadays is just too small AND the 80cu tank allows them to get more pods out of their markers without having nearly the weight difference the two different tanks used to be.

The days of being the dedicated front snake guy who only needs to shoot a pod of paint and be as fast and as lightweight as possible are gone. All front guys at some point will need to pull up short on the break and shoot a lane. And again, the 80cu tank is SO lightweight wont even notice the difference besides maybe taking less trips to the air station in between points!

The Infamous Skeleton Air 80cu tank is the perfect happy medium between a 88cu tank and a 68cu tank.