Infamous Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3

May 15, 2017 0 Comments

Introducing the Skeleton Squad's NEW cleat, the Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3!


Infamous has been a forward-thinking team since its inception. Constantly pushing for better performance equipment that allows the team to push its player's skills and abilities on the field. 

The cleat is a piece of equipment, one could argue, used to be over looked by many players. Not in today games where every single player is looking for that little edge over their opponent. We all want to be lighter, faster, stronger than the next team and in a game where every single move you make needs to be calculated you can't afford to slip up. This is where the Nike Hypervenom cleat fits in perfectly. 

This cleat was chosen by the team because it is lightweight, strong, durable and packs tons of traction that can be used on almost any surface. Besides all that... just look at it! The cleat screams INFAMOUS!! 

You want cleats that can handle any playing surface, here are some spots we have worn this cleat:

  • Florida - Sandy Grass
  • California Camp Pendleton - Thin Turf
  • San Antonia X-Factor - Thicker Turf
  • Dallas Texas Motor Speedway - Grass
  • Kick'n Indoor - Turf
  • Mexico - Beach, Dirt, Cement, Grass
  • Las Vegas - Grass

This is easily the lightest cleat we have worn to date. At 6.8 oz.'s... this cleat should be at the top of any paintball players list. The last thing you want is giant weights on your feet when you need to be quick on your toes. 

The Flywire on the sides of the upper work with the laces to wrap around your foot, creating a personalized fit for each foot as well as adding a whole new level of comfort. In paintball, we are constantly working to mold our bodies to the shape of our surroundings we play and with the fully flexible upper you'll be able to max out your range of motion all while feeling stable.