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BY: Trevor Resar


It all comes down to time management and efficiency. I really preach this at some of the skill schools and clinics I’ve ran too. For example, it doesn’t make sense for a team to get together on a saturday or a sunday at the paintball field, and spend half of their day “working out together”. i.e. sprints, push ups, sit ups etc. You only have a small window in the week to practice, so how efficient is it to waste half of that day doing things that you should be doing on your own time, all week? I promise you, that there are minutes and hours of everyone’s day that are wasted away. I just try to minimize those.

I apply this to every aspect of my life, whether it’s paintball, the two family businesses I help run, my own business, or friends and family. I’m constantly on the go, and constantly playing the balance game between them all. There is definitely an ebb and flow to it all, and I’m still figuring that all out, because it is constantly changing.
If you ever see me on a plane, or in an airport, I’m either on the phone or on my computer working. I try to squeeze every minute I can out of every day. If you aren’t familiar with Gary Vaynerchuck, you need to look him up on Youtube. He is hustle from the time he wakes up, to the time he goes to sleep, and I try to follow suit with that.

The big key to it all is to segment it. When you are on paintball time, be 100% invested in it, when you are on business time, be 100% invested in it, and the same goes for social and family time. Will these ever overlap, yes. But if you can focus on whatever it is that you are doing at that time, and disconnect from everything else, it will give you more time in the long run with everything as a whole.