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    Greg Siewers back to Infamous!

    • 1 min read

    Infamous is excited to announce we have picked up Greg Siewers for the 2020 season! Welcome Back! 

    "Greg coming back to infamous is like regaining a brother. His leadership off the field and consistency on the field is a welcome addition back to the skeleton squad. Looking forward to seeing him attack the field this season." - Travis Lemanski

    "Greg was always an amazing teammate, a fierce competitor and the definition of a true pro on and off the field. I love that about him and think he is the perfect type of player to add to our squad and I am glad to have him back! I think the 2020 season is going to be a great one Infamous fans" - Kevin Rudulph

    “I played for Infamous in 2011-12. With the team's support and trust from coach Travis Lemanski, I felt I played some of my best paintball to date as we outperformed everyone’s expectations event after event. Returning to the team now is just another chance to do the same thing and I can’t wait to get back on the field to show it.” - Greg Siewers