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    Day 1 with our Planet Eclipse CS1

    • 1 min read
    The title says it all! Day 1 with our CS1's! Trevor Resar and Myself (Kevin Rudulph) took the field with our new markers, and let me say I was super impressed!


    After adjusting the velocity slightly, the marker shot so smooth and was truly a pleasure to shoot. 0 issues out of the box with 0 setting adjustments what so ever.

    I was worried about the grips being on the larger side but I honestly loved the way the marker felt in hand. The longer body length is something I love and the CS1 fits the mold perfectly. I Really enjoyed the little bit of rubber on the rear grip that sits on the top of your hand in between your thumb and pointer finger. It's an added level of comfort that I noticed the first time I held the gun. 

    My first ball on the break out whip was on point, felt solid, and consistent. The ball flight felt effortless and smooth. I shot tournament Redemption Pro, Graffiti AND infinity! So 3 different level grades of paint and it all shot amazing!

    The air efficiency was great. I can't give you exact numbers but over all I felt I was able to shoot more paint with less concern of having to grab air in between points. 

    Over all we couldn't be more excited to use the Planet Eclipse CS1 and anything we can get our hands on! ;) Stay tuned, more to come!