After Practice Paintball Drills

February 09, 2017 0 Comments

This time of year is the best time to sharpen your sword and hone your game. There are several drills that you can do at the end of a day of play, with limited or left over paint. 

As seen in my most recent TR episode (003 - scroll to bottom), after a day of running 4v5's and 2v2's, I ended with some very simple breakout drills and running and shooting drills. 

These can be done with just a few pods. When running and shooting, focus on keeping your gun level and smooth. The less barrel tip movement you have, the more accurate you will be. Also, be aware of your momentum. As you are moving laterally, your momentum will carry the trajectory of the ball that same direction. The next time that you try a running and shooting drill, aim further inside of your target. Notice that your momentum will carry the ball as you are running to exactly where you want the balls to hit. 

A simple break out drill is a good way to end the day as well. Focus on getting your gun up as fast as possible, and putting shots on target in a predetermined lane. Do this multiple times standing still until you consistently hit the target. Then add some dynamic movement, such as stepping forward off of the box, or out toward a primary bunker. 

After you have accomplished these drills, don't forget to do them with the opposite hand. 

I hope this helps, and stay tuned for more behind the scenes looks.

 Head to 7:45 for the Drills Portion // Trevor Resar EP. 003 - Subscribe for more videos