Infamous's 2017 Vegas Jerseys

February 18, 2017 0 Comments

A new season means a new, fresh look for the skeleton squad. Lets take a look at some of the features available in the teams new jersey!

💀 Phantom Agility by Valken: Designed to be the best, for the best. Very light weight with 0 padding because we would rather be as light as possible than worry about padding...we aren't afraid to get shot. 

💀 V-Dry Engineered Mesh: small holes in the upper part of the mesh designed to help the jersey breath.

💀 Laser Perferation: small laser cut holes to open up the air flow even more!   

💀 Abrasion Resistent Patch: Strips of abrasion resistent material designed to stop your pack's Velcro from tearing up the front of your jersey.



This jersey was designed to have a classic infamous feel, with a touch of modern elements. We were already transitioning the team into a Black/ Dark Grey & Silver color scheme with just a hit of lime due to NXL regulations. Before the haters jump in, yes this was approved. 



If you followed us last season you might have noticed we started to transition over to a White and Black look & with this Away jersey, we wanted to do something that would pop!